Why I risked my life to save NYC storefronts: Guardian Angels Founder

Why did I risk my life and the lives of the others in my Alliance of Guardian Angels Patrol?

I am the founder of the Alliance of Guardian Angels, a non-profit organization with volunteer safety patrols in over 130 cities and 13 countries.  My organization began in 1979.

At the beginning of June looting in New York City hit a level I have not witnessed in decades.


Many people from around the world have reached out to me and have asked me, “Why would you put you and your Guardian Angels in harm’s way? These stores have insurance.”

They have reminded me that their product can be replaced. Why get involved when even the cops were told to back down? Here’s why.

What I saw three weeks ago was unforgettable.

As I walked around the streets of downtown Brooklyn going from demonstration to demonstration there was synergy between all these events.

The NYPD 88th Precinct had been vandalized and attacked. Neither Governor Cuomo nor Mayor DeBlasio had visited the police precinct. Nearby were the remains of torched police vans and cars. All along the way, the markings of B.L.M., F.T.P., A.C.A.B. suggested that the streets now belonged to the demonstrators, vandals and looters.

I looked into the eyes of the police assembled in front of their precinct and they were stunned and defeated. Abandoned by the officials, their command and the people of NYC who remained in their apartments hoping that this was just a nightmare. It wasn’t.

It was real. I had climbed into the belly of the beast to see it for myself.

The cops on the ground had been given no intel. They didn’t know what was coming. Their enemy was sophisticated and well organized and operated in a stealth like manner.


John Miller who leads the NYPD anti-terrorism division admitted that the agent provocateurs in these demonstrations communicated through encrypted messages.

Even 911 calls went unanswered because the NYPD had been told to stand down during the looting by City Hall.

That’s when I ordered the Guardian Angels to fill the void left by the NYPD that was being told to stand down by Mayor De Blasio.

In groups of 6, we crawled into the “Belly of the Beast” and patrolled SoHo and Midtown Manhattan that was being looted.

It was my Guardian Angel Patrol that came across 30 looters in a Foot Locker in SoHo.

We went in, made them drop their loot and kicked them out. That was 8 p.m. They said that they would be back and this time they came back with 100 looters and screamed that they were going in.

We told them no and we fought them off.

I got hit with a Ball-peen Hammer which fractured my jaw. Within an hour they came back with 300 looters and launched an all-out attack.

We fought them off again, but this time they seriously injured Guardian Angel Aram Sabet with a Claw Hammer. He suffered a broken nose and eye socket. Took 48 stitches and he may lose sight in his left eye.

Finally, the NYPD flooded the area and drove off and arrested the looters. But the 48 were released within 4 hours with a “Desk Appearance Ticket” because Governor Cuomo signed a “No Bail” law months before. That next night, those arrested were back roaming the streets and on the prowl.

During the day the looters would put their stolen loot out on the streets and sell it for cash but most of it was fenced online. In fact, these enemies of society actually had a marketing campaign. “Just Looted” put your loot up on Let it Go, Craig’s List, or Facebook Marketplace.

They made incredible money fencing their stolen goods with no consequences.


So why did I do it and risk my life and the lives of the others in my Alliance of Guardian Angels Patrol?

It’s simple.

If you are a student of history you know that the mob first comes for property, then product and eventually for people.

There is a powerful saying, “When good men and good women do nothing evil will triumph.”

We live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave. If we no longer remain brave we will lose our freedoms.

The Guardian Angels will never forsake our citizens.

We hope that our actions again will inspire people to take a stand for what they know is right.

Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Alliance of Guardian Angels, a non-profit organization with volunteer safety patrols in over 130 cities and 13 countries. The organization began in 1979. The group's website is https://guardianangels.org.