RBS Introduces 5 Commodity ETNs


RBS Introduces 5 Commodity ETNsNovember 16, 2012

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced the launch of five new ETNs which track the RICI Enhanced Commodity Indices.

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RBS stated in their press release on Thursday: "We are pleased to announce the launch of the five RBS Rogers Enhanced ETNs which feature the combined experience of RBS and Wall Street investor Jim Rogers...We believe these new ETNs offer investors a unique opportunity to get exposure to the innovative RICI Enhanced SM Indices."

The five new ETNs, along with their ticker symbols, are below.

--RBS Rogers Enhanced Commodity ETN (NYSEARCA:RGRC)--RBS Rogers Agriculture ETN (NYSEARCA:RGRA)--RBS Rogers Enhanced Energy ETN (NYSEARCA:RGRE)--RBS Rogers Enhanced Industrial Metals ETN (NYSEARCA:RGRI)--RBS Rogers Enhanced Precious Metals ETN (NYSEARCA:RGRP)The Rogers Enhanced Indices use futures contracts with varying maturities which aim to maximizereturns when there are significant price differences between near-dated and future-dated commodity contracts.

The annual expense ratio for the new ETNs is 0.95%.

ETNs are unsecured debt obligations issued by banks and financial institutions. ETNs carry issuer credit risk and their performance is typically linked to currencies, stocks, or an index of securities.

Other ETF News:

Pyxis Funds launched their first ETF, the Pyxis/iboxx Senior Loan ETF (NYSEARCA:SNLN), adding it to their current lineup of mutual funds.

The new ETF, which began trading on November 7th, tracks the Market iboxx Liquid Leveraged Loan Index. The Index is rebalanced at the end of each month to ensure that it accurately reflects the loans market in terms of market size, depth, and overall liquidity.

The fund has an annual expense ratio of 0.55%.