Population growth accelerates in Oregon; state numbers grow by more than 1 percent in year

Economic IndicatorsAssociated Press

As Oregon rebounds from the Great Recession, its population is growing more rapidly, mostly as a result of newcomers.

Estimates from the Population Research Center at Portland State University show annual population growth at 1.1 percent. That's more than 43,000 people.

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The population remains shy of 4 million, at 3,962,565 as of July 1, according to the estimates.

Oregon's population continued to grow through the recession, but at a slower rate. The rate was at about half a percentage point three years ago, and growth has accelerated since then.

Risa Proehl (PREL) of the research center says about three-quarters of the current population growth can be attributed to net in-migration — incoming minus outgoing.

The rest is a result of what's called "natural increase," or births minus deaths.