Philly mayor back on way to Iceland after flight diverted

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The mayor of Philadelphia is back on his way to Iceland a day after his scheduled flight was diverted to Boston.

Mayor Jim Kenney was on Icelandair's first flight from Philadelphia to Reykjavik (ray-KYA-vick), Iceland on Tuesday, marking the beginning of direct flights between the cities.

Continue Reading Below reported that the company said on social media a rubber smell was detected in the airplane.

On Twitter, Kenney complimented Icelandair's "excellent customer service" including the "best in-flight meal I ever had."

The mayor's office said he was on a Wednesday afternoon flight scheduled to arrive shortly before midnight. He is to return Saturday.

Officials said it's tradition for mayors to visit each other's cities when new international routes are established. Reykjavik Mayor Dagur Eggertsson spent two days touring Philadelphia.


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