Pennsylvania special election: Saccone touts economy as Lamb spends millions

Pennsylvania Republican Congressional candidate Rick Saccone said on Tuesday he will be “[President Donald] Trump’s wingman” in pushing a pro-growth agenda while his opponent, Democrat Conor Lamb is “trying to disguise himself as a moderate, but is far left.”

With the state’s special elections underway, Pennsylvania State Sen. Rick Saccone discussed his congressional bid on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.”

“So much good is happening, we have to keep that up,” he told Maria Bartiromo.

According to Propublica, in the Pennsylvania House District 18 race Conor Lamb has raised $3.9 million and spent $3.1 million on his campaign. Saccone has raised a far more modest $917,892 and spent just $614,858 on his campaign.

When Bartiromo asked him why he is “the guy,” he pointed out that he was elected on the same agenda that Trump was elected on, including cutting taxes and cutting spending, rolling back regulations that are strangling businesses, securing the U.S. southern border with Mexico and rebuilding the military, among other items.

He added that he has been working on these things in the state legislature for eight years, while Trump has nationalized them.

Saccone also told Bartiromo that, “[Trump] needs some help down there, he is getting beat up in Washington from the media, from the bureaucracy and from Hollywood.”

Bartiromo brought up Saccone’s opponent Conor Lamb and how some of his promises are similar to what Saccone is saying. However, the Republican congressional candidate said “Conor Lamb would vote with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party,” adding that not one Democrat voted for the nation’s tax reform bill, which was signed into law last year.

Lamb is trying to disguise himself as a moderate, but he is far left, according to Saccone.