Now on Amazon Echo: Motley Fool Flash Briefings!

Image source: Amazon.

"Alexa, what's new?"

Beginning today, that's all it will take for Amazon Echo owners to get a daily update on the most important market headlines from The Motley Fool.

We are proud to announce we've signed on as a partner for Alexa's Flash Briefing service. Every day we'll deliver the most relevant news to Foolish investors in a quick 90-second clip... all you have to do is ask Alexa!

To set your Echo up to receive our updates: In the Alexa app, go to settings, then "Flash Briefing." There you can select The Motley Fool as your trusted news source.

But the Foolish content doesn't end there.

"Alexa, play the most recent episode of Market Foolery."

Listening to your favorite Fool podcasts is just as easy. The Motley Fool's family of shows are all available in Amazon's media library.

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