North Korea making very dramatic changes: Jim Rogers

Trump is making China great again: Jim Rogers

Rogers Holdings Chairman Jim Rogers on the Trump administration's trade talks with China, North Korea and the investment opportunities in Asia.

Renowned investor Jim Rogers on Monday told FOX Business, the American government is stopping him from investing in North Korea.

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“[Kim Jong Un] is making very dramatic changes,” he said of the youthful North Korean leader during an appearance on “Varney & Co.” “The kid has been trying to make a deal with America for three years. Obama cut it back -- the bureaucrats in Washington cut it back when he was trying to -- he wanted to sign peace treaty.”

Rogers said he’s been to North Korea twice, seeking investments but the U.S. government is holding him back.

“[Kim Jong Un] will let me in but the Americans won’t let me in,” he said. “The government gave me all kinds of promises … but I’m a citizen of the land of the free -- I cannot invest.”

When Varney asked Rogers if he would invest in North Korea once it’s legal, he replied: “They don’t have anything -- tablecloths, soap, electricity -- anything you know about they need.”

Rogers added President Trump puts denuclearization negotiations at risk.