North Korea making very dramatic changes: Jim Rogers

Renowned investor Jim Rogers on Monday told FOX Business, the American government is stopping him from investing in North Korea.

“[Kim Jong Un] is making very dramatic changes,” he said of the youthful North Korean leader during an appearance on “Varney & Co.” “The kid has been trying to make a deal with America for three years. Obama cut it back -- the bureaucrats in Washington cut it back when he was trying to -- he wanted to sign peace treaty.”

Rogers said he’s been to North Korea twice, seeking investments but the U.S. government is holding him back.

“[Kim Jong Un] will let me in but the Americans won’t let me in,” he said. “The government gave me all kinds of promises … but I’m a citizen of the land of the free -- I cannot invest.”

When Varney asked Rogers if he would invest in North Korea once it’s legal, he replied: “They don’t have anything -- tablecloths, soap, electricity -- anything you know about they need.”

Rogers added President Trump puts denuclearization negotiations at risk.