Movers & Shakers: Aug. 19, 2019

Trump’s top economic adviser doesn’t see a recession “at all.” Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, pushed back against fears that a U.S. recession is coming after the yield curve inverted last week, telling “Fox News Sunday” that the president’s “pro-growth platform” is succeeding.

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U.S. delays the Huawei ban (again). Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told FOX Business on Monday that President Trump’s U.S. exemption for technology firms to send software updates to Huawei phones will be extended by another 90 days. The extension comes despite Trump telling reporters on Sunday that "it looks much more like we're not going to do business." Not extending the exemption could've caused another flare up in U.S.-China trade tensions.

Trump dines with Tim Cook. The duo dined at Trump’s golf club in Westminster, New Jersey, on Friday evening, and discussed how Apple competitor Samsung has an unfair advantage because its goods won’t be subject to the new tariffs that are set to go into effect later this year, Bloomberg reports. “It’s tough for Apple to pay tariffs if it’s competing with a very good company that’s not,” the president said.

An actor from the Godfather bashed Chris Cuomo for his “Fredo” rant. “I couldn’t understand, because he’s such an intelligent kid, educated and everything else,” Gianni Russo, who played Vito Corleone’s son-in-law Carlo Rizz in The Godfather, told TMZ. “I heard he’s hurt his career.” Cuomo was caught on camera in a profanity-laced tirade in which he said calling him "Fredo" was a racial slur “like the ‘N-word'” for Italian Americans.

50 Cent didn’t let Wendy Williams into his pool party, but she got in anyway. The rapper 50 Cent posted a video to Instagram showing the talk show host Wendy Williams not being allowed into his Tycoon Pool Party. “you can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me,” 50 said in his Instagram post. “B**** wait out side.” Williams eventually got in, but it’s not clear if she made it in time for the performance by 50 and Snoop Dogg.