Lufthansa says 63.22 percent of shareholders voted for Mayrhuber


Almost two-thirds of Lufthansa shareholders who voted at the annual meeting on Tuesday elected for Wolfgang Mayrhuber to be supervisory board member, paving the way for the former Chief Executive to become its chairman.

Germany's biggest airline said shareholders representing 41.90 percent of the company's equity voted at the AGM and shareholders holding 118,899,276 shares, or 63.22 percent of those who had voted, had backed Mayrhuber.

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Shareholders holding 69,166,306 shares had voted against him, Lufthansa said.

The supervisory board will meet immediately after the AGM later on Tuesday to vote for Mayrhuber as chairman, succeeding Juergen Weber who is retiring at the end of the AGM.

Lufthansa earlier on Tuesday urged shareholders to back the appointment of Mayrhuber to lead the supervisory board after an embarrassing reversal that saw him withdraw and then resubmit his candidacy within hours.

(Reporting By Marilyn Gerlach)