Italian police arrest 4 in corruption probe into building projects worth $26 million

Associated Press

Italian prosecutors have ordered the arrest of four people, including a former ministry official who oversaw major infrastructure projects under seven governments.

Prosecutors on Monday announced a new corruption probe into public works projects worth 25 million euros ($26 million), including stretches of Italy's high-speed train line, its highway system and the much ballyhooed Italian Pavilion built for the Expo 2015 World's Fair in Milan.

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Carabinieri commander Mario Parente said the system set up by the four suspects detained in the investigation inflated the price of projects by as much as 40 percent. The suspects include a former public works ministry official, Ercole Incalza, who continued as consultant after leaving the ministry.

The new corruption probe comes as a long-delayed bill to combat corruption faces new obstacles in the Senate.