Israeli sues Airbnb over West Bank settlement listing ban

An Israeli settler is suing Airbnb over its ban on West Bank settlement listings, heeding the call of Israeli officials to challenge the decision.

Ma'anit Rabinovich, who advertised her settlement apartment on Airbnb, filed a lawsuit against the company at a Jerusalem court on Thursday. She argues that the decision represents a "grave, offensive and outrageous discrimination." Her suit points to disputed territories where Airbnb continues to operate, such as Tibet and northern Cyprus, among others.

Rabinovich is suing for 15,000 ($4,000) shekels in damages.

The vacation rental company said Monday it would take down 200 listings in Israeli settlements after coming under pressure by Palestinians and rights groups.

The decision prompted threats by Israel of high taxes on the site. Israel's tourism minister encouraged Israelis to sue the company.