How to Tell Your Boss Your Job Is Too Easy

While an easy job may sound awesome when you're dealing with a pile of work that seems like it will never end, it's actually a different kind of miserable from a tough job.

Imagine finishing everything you have to do in a few hours, but being stuck at your desk for an eight hour day. That's a special kind of prison since, in most cases, time seems to pass faster when you're busy.

If your job has become too easy (or it always was) you may want to speak with your boss about taking on more work or doing something harder. That's something you should be careful doing and there are some things to be considered before you take your problem to the person in charge.

Is harder work available?

If you work at a place where the vast majority of people do the same thing -- like a call center -- then asking for harder work may actually be asking for your boss's job. That's a move you should be careful before making because it may not be well-received.

It may also not be possible to get harder work if the very nature of the job you do is easy. Perhaps you cover a late-night shift for a 24/7 business where there are very few customers during the hours you work. In that case your boss hired you to fill a need and may not be interested in whether you are bored or not.

Are you doing a good job?

While it seems silly to bring up, before you tell your boss your job is too easy, you have to make sure you are an exemplary employee. If you use the easiness of your job to justify bad performance then you're making it very hard for your boss to consider giving you harder work you may also not perform well.

Know your boss

The last hurdle before approaching your boss is considering what type of supervisor her or she is. Does the boss generally consider all employee needs? Is he or she reasonable and likely to give you a fair hearing? If you have a boss who's a jerk or one who doesn't like to be bothered then your chances of success may be well lower.

How to talk to your boss

If you pass all of the above hurdles, it's time to actually talk with your boss about how you feel your job is too easy. To do that you will want to take a measured approach.

  • Make an appointment, don't just grab your boss during a quiet moment.
  • Tell the truth: Explain that you think your job is easy and lay out your reasons for believing that.
  • Have a plan to address the situation or at least suggest some remedies.
  • Be prepared for any outcome: Your boss may respond well, he or she may do nothing, or your comments could create a backlash where the boss tries to make your job the opposite of easy.

In reality though, in many cases, a boss who hears an employee asking for more work or more responsibility will find a way to accommodate that request. Again, be careful what you wish for and be ready for your workday to get harder if your request is accommodated.

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