How BNY Mellon is Helping the ETF Industry Expand

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Behind the scenes, financial companies like Bank of New York Mellon have helped the ETF industry quickly grow and reach a wider audience.

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"The level of conversations were having across the asset manager community on ETFs is just growing in abundance every day," Jeff McCarthy, CEO of ETFs for BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, said at the Inside ETFs 2018 conference.

Companies like BNY Mellon help the ETF industry expand in a variety of ways.

"We kind of articulate with asset managers that we can help them design, build, manage and grow their ETFs, and we deliver that through all of our businesses that we have as a firm," McCarthy said.

Financial firms like BNY Mellon can help would-be money managers turn ETF issuers set up the backbone or infrastructure needed to bring their products to market. They can also look at ways to distribute products and build model portfolios that would incorporate a would-be ETF idea.

"We're able to deliver that full breadth of services as well as more importantly outlook into what we're seeing in this industry," McCarthy added.

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