House panel approves $578.6 billion for defense; OKs 2.3 percent pay raise for military

The House panel that decides defense spending has approved a $578.6 billion plan that fully funds a 2.3 percent pay raise for military men and women and prevents the retirement of the A-10 aircraft that protects ground troops.

The spending bill released Tuesday also funds the U.S. fight against terrorism. It'll be considered Wednesday by the defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee.

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The bill covers the core defense budget plus $88.4 billion for a war-fighting fund that finances military operations in Afghanistan, the Mideast and elsewhere.

The proposed bill provides money for a 2.3 percent pay raise instead of 1.3 percent as requested by the White House. It also provides money to maintain 100 percent of troop housing costs for the military.