Highest-Conviction Holding No. 1 Report

Just how much confidence do some of the best investors at our company have in the long-term potential of the stock I'm writing you about today?

Well, not only has Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner recommended it to members of his market-crushingRule Breakersservice onthree separate occasions(and even designated it as a "Starter Stock" within his growth-focused service)...

But his team has also put The Motley Fool's own money behind it onfour separate occasionsfor David's premium, real-money portfolio service,Motley Fool Supernova.

(And that's really no surprise, given that this ultra-disruptive company is theepitomeof a "top dog" and "first mover" and is exhibiting snowballing growth in everything from free users... to paying clients... to annual revenues.)

Meanwhile, our "best of the best" real-moneyMillion Dollar Portfolioservice has over $72,000 of our company's own money invested in it...

And our chief digital officer, Jeremy Phillips who's an avid user of this company's services has publicly documented the fact that he's purchased$117,238 worthof this "triple-threat" business over the past few years...

What's more, this stock is actually among Tom Gardners three highest-conviction holdings within the Everlasting Portfolio that he runs inside ofMotley Fool ONE.

The stocks Tom buys for the Everlasting Portfolio arethe only stocks he personally owns and the only stocks he will own for the rest of his life.

This report gives you a true sense of the kind of "forever" stocks Tom is buying for this portfolio (which has nowmore than doubled in valuesince he first launched it and hasoutpaced the S&P 500 by more than 30%in the process).

Of course, I could simplytell youthat unlike most tech companies, this one has virtually zero legitimate competition worldwide... that itsrevenues soared 45% last year(anything over 15% gets us pretty excited around here)... and that while those revenues came in at around $2.2 billion last year, the addressable market for these kinds of services around the globe stands at about$80 billion...

But I think there's a far better way to actuallyshowyou why this is among Tom's three highest-conviction holdings... and why you might want to consider getting invested right alongside him.

And that's by giving you the ability to downloada special in-depth research reporton this company that our team just released for the low price of $99.

To place your order for this full-color research report for $99, simply click here to get in touch with our Marketing Manager, who will respond to you directly with more details.

Returns as of July 31, 2015.

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