Harvard educated more CEOs of newly public companies last year than its rivals

Harvard produced the most graduates who were CEOs at their time of their companies' market debuts in 2014, according to Equilar, an executive compensation data firm.

Only companies that raised over $100 million through their IPOs are included in the data. The list includes both undergraduate and graduate institutions.

Harvard has led the rankings for three straight years. The table below shows the schools that produced two or more CEOs that went on to lead on IPO. A further 70 schools produced one CEO each.

Institution No. of CEOs who led IPOs in 2014
Harvard 7
Columbia 3
Stanford University 3
Texas Tech University 3
University of North Carolina 3
George Washington University 2
Miami University of Ohio 2
Michigan State University 2
Northwestern University 2
Pennsylvania State University 2
Texas A&M University 2
State University of New York at Albany 2
Villanova University 2
University of Pennsylvania 2