Get to Know InvenSense in Just 8 Slides

By Chris

You may not know much about InvenSense , but if you've ever picked up one of Apple's orSamsung's smartphones, then you've probably used some of its technology. InvenSense is leader in the micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor market, which makes gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses, and other sensors for mobile devices. Basically, when you move an Apple iPhone and its screen responds to the movement, you're using InvenSense's tech.

But the company is expanding its offerings with a new high-end fingerprint sensor that can be placed directly behind a smartphone display, and the first-ever MEMS system on a chip for mobile and wearable devices. While InvenSense's stock price has taken investors on a wild ride over the past couple of years, the company's lead in the MEMS space, as well as its new offerings, should be enough for investors to give the company a closer look.

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