Germany refuses to re-open question of compensation WWII Nazi occupation of Greece

Associated Press

The German government says it isn't prepared to re-open the issue of compensation for the Nazis' WWII occupation of Greece.

Greek radical left Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has revived the question of war-time reparations, saying in a parliamentary debate Tuesday in Athens that his debt-ridden country has never been fully compensated by Germany.

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The issue has heightened tensions between Athens and Berlin amid the ongoing negotiations over Greece's financial bailout, to which Germany has contributed a large share.

German Finance Ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger said Wednesday that Berlin believes the issue was resolved in a 1960 accord requiring Germany to pay 115 million Deutschmarks to Greece.

Jaeger told reporters in Berlin that "backward-looking allegations don't help in the context of the work we need to tackle with the Greeks."