George Soros Sells Off Apple Stake During The Second Quarter, Slashes Amazon Holding

Famed billionaire investor George Soros's hedge fund Soros Fund Management sold off his relatively-small share stake in Apple Inc. during the second quarter, while slashing his bet on Inc. . Regulatory filings show Soros owned no Apple shares as of June 30, after owning 3,100 shares as of March 31. The fund only owned 12,537 shares of Amazon at the end of the second quarter, after owning 41,140 shares and call options--an option to buy shares at a pre-set price--for another 30,000 shares at the end of the first quarter. Soros also cut its holding of eBay Inc. to 1.7 million shares from 3.7 million shares. Overall, the value of Soros's equity holdings increased to 3.2% to $4.68 billion from $4.53 billion, while the S&P 500 rose 1.9% over the same time.

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