Genesco Suffers Intrusion from High-Tech Criminals, Launches Investigation


Genesco (NYSE:GCO) said Friday it has suffered a criminal intrusion into its computer network that may have led to the unauthorized acquirement of customers’ credit and debit card information.

The retailer has launched a full investigation using the help of outside experts to determine the extent of the damage, particularly “any possible compromise of customer information.”

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Criminals may have gotten their hands on card number, expiration date and verification code, however there is "no reason to believe" that personal information, such as names or social security numbers, were compromised during the intrusion, the company said.

Genesco, which sells footwear, headwear and sports apparel and accessories, said only its U.S. Journeys, Journeys Kidz, Shi by Journeys, Johnston & Murphy stores and some of its Underground Station stores were affected.

Despite the ongoing investigation, the Nashville, Tenn-based company said it is confident customers can now safely use their credit and debit cards in company stores.

“Since we learned of the intrusion, we have worked diligently with outside experts to protect our customers' information and we are confident that they are safe shopping with their credit and debit cards at our stores,” Genesco CEO Robert J. Dennis said in a statement.

The chief executive encouraged customers to review their statements and report any suspected fraudulent use.

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