French railway denies tracks were neglected ahead of deadly crash

France's national railway is denying that neglected maintenance on the train tracks led to a fatal derailment last year that left seven people dead.

SNCF and RFF — the agency that handles the rail infrastructure — said Monday saying that although they took responsibility for the crash, there was no systematic maintenance failure, as alleged in the court-ordered report.

French newspapers Le Figaro and Le Monde, which obtained copies of the report ahead of the railway, said the experts found 200 anomalies along the railway through the Paris suburb of Bretigny-sur-Orge, which they said was "a known danger zone."

The packed train, carrying around 385 passengers, was traveling below the speed limit at 137 kph (85 mph) when it derailed, skidded and slammed into the station platform July 12, 2013.