Fractional-share Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) is Back

Starting 12/9/11, our clearing firmPenson Financial will be integrating key new features into your TradeKingaccount. 

You'll notice onewelcome change right away: the return offractional-share dividend reinvestment (DRIP). Now dividends can be appliedto fractional-share purchases instead of crediting as cash to your account, achange many TradeKing clients have long requested. You'll also notice expandedmutual fund choice and a newly redesigned account statement. We anticipate evenmore improvements in the near future. 

What’s changing?

Due to theintegration, you’ll get two statements for the month of December. The firststatement will show your activity from 12/1 – 12/9. This statement will show anend-of-month balance of 0, because your assets will now appear on the secondstatement for the month. The second statement will cover 12/9 – 12/31 and displayyour end-of-month balance. Margin interest charges will be similarly divided.

What’s notchanging?

Youraccount number(s), TradeKing login(s), ACH profile, TradeKing debit cards andchecks, and TradeKing’s wire instructions will all remain the same. You’ll alsoenjoy the same account insurance protection as always.

Our Penson-Broadridge FAQ  should answer most of your questions. If not, you’re alwayswelcome to contact us.

Be Good,

Don Montanaro

Chairman &CEO

TradeKing LLC


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