Former AOL CEO bullish on technology stocks: 'A lot less risky' to buy today than a year ago

Investors gearing up for Amazon, Apple, Meta, Alphabet earnings

Former AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said Monday that investors are poised to get a much better return on tech stocks than they would have one year ago, telling "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" he sees tremendous room for growth in both the online and offline e-commerce worlds.

TIM ARMSTRONG: I’m really bullish. I think Stripe, the payments company, just came out with a report at the end of March saying that 15% of the commerce done in the world was online and 85% was still offline. So as much as demand has gotten pulled forward, in the pandemic, and the digital companies have really grown, I still think there's tremendous growth room left to happen both in the offline world and the online world. Even though the valuations have come back a little bit, I think over the next 24 months you will see a lot of the big moves getting made to have these companies securitize themselves for the future. 


If you go back to the financial crisis, these companies left the financial crisis with $50 billion in cash. They now have about $500 billion in cash. So you’re going to see aggressive strategies I think to move that offline experiences to even more online over time and that’s a big opportunity. That is what we’re doing at Flowcode as well. I see it day-to-day in our business. Let’s put it this way, I think it’s a lot less risky to buy stock today than it was a year ago even though people felt very comfortable buying tech companies a year ago. When you want to buy them is when they’re down and right now I think you’re going to get a much better deal on the companies today than you would have a year ago.