Food fight: US brings case against Indonesia for blocking imports of fruit, produce and meat

Economic IndicatorsAssociated Press

The United States is escalating a food fight with Indonesia, charging that the Southeast Asian country violates world trade rules by blocking imports of fruit, produce and meat.

U.S. trade and agriculture officials announced Wednesday that the US is bringing a case against Indonesia at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. The United States has long complained about Indonesian trade policies, including a ban on chicken and other meats and licensing requirements that limit U.S. farm exports.

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Without those barriers, the U.S. argues, Indonesia would be a more lucrative market for U.S. farmers; its population of 254 million is the world's fourth largest. But America exports more fruit and vegetables to Malaysia (No. 44 with 30 million people) and more meat to the Philippines (No. 13 with 108 million).