Federal regulators say several fish species, including haddock and grouper, have rebounded

Federal regulators say several critical commercial fish stocks are rebounding and are no longer subject to overfishing.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it is removing two stocks from its "overfished" list. They are the gag grouper of the Gulf of Mexico and the North Atlantic albacore.

It is taking six stocks off of the "overfishing list." They include the Gulf of Maine haddock, the South Atlantic gag grouper, the western Atlantic Bluefin tuna, the snowy grouper of the South Atlantic coast and the jacks of the Gulf of Mexico. The North Atlantic albacore is now off of both lists.

A fish is considered "overfished" when its population size is too small. It is placed on NOAA's "overfishing" list when its annual catch rate is too high.