Eyewear website operator sentenced to 2 more years in prison

An eyewear website operator who was convicted of threatening customers with rape and murder and served time in prison has been sentenced to two more years by an angry New York judge who says he violated probation after his release.

Federal Judge Richard Sullivan banned Vitaly Borker from using computers as he sentenced him Thursday. The judge says the Ukrainian immigrant violated terms of his release after serving a four-year prison sentence for harassing customers from 2007 to 2010.

The judge cites Borker's lack of remorse and calls him "incorrigible." He describes how Borker made false statements about his activities after he was freed from prison in 2015.

Borker was arrested last May on charges he peddled shoddy glasses online as premium ware. He's incarcerated awaiting trial. His lawyer says he "insists he's not guilty of these frauds."