ETFs On The Move After Memorial Day (IBB, EWJ, FAN)

The S&P 500 broke out to a new all-time high after the long weekend.

The Dow Jones Transportation Average is joining the index at a new lofty level. The NASDAQ, which has struggled the last couple of months is back to a seven-week high and the Dow is one big day from hitting the best level ever.

Overall, the U.S. stock market is clearly in the midst of a multi-year bull market with no signs of slowing.

The optimism has investors moving money around between sectors and countries within the world of ETFs. Below are a few of the ETFs that are making moves that are attracting the eyes of the investment community.

iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index ETF (NYSE:IBB)

The ETF is breaking out of an extremely bullish pattern referred to as an ascending triangle, where the pattern is constructed with two lines.

A horizontal line on top that has been resistance for the ETF, in the case of IBB that level is $235/share.

The second line is an uptrend line that connects the pullbacks over the last two months. Each time the ETF pulls back it bounces from a higher level.

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The theory is that each pullback is met with buyers at a higher price, displaying bullish sentiment. However the buy signal does not occur until the ETF can break above the upper line of resistance, which IBB achieved on Tuesday.

To add to the bullish breakout, the ETF is also trading back above its 50-day moving average at the best level in nearly two months.

iShares MSCI Japan Index ETF (NYSE:EWJ)

When the ETF began to roll over late last year the ETF began a pattern of lower highs and lower lows, suggesting it was in a downtrend. A recent rally in the price of EWJ has helped break the trend and the ETF is on pace to close at the best level in over two months.

If the breakout can hold for EWJ, it could send the ETF back to its November high of $12.25/share. A weaker Japanese yen the last week has been a catalyst for the move higher in Japanese stocks.

First Trust Global Wind Energy ETF (NYSE:FAN)

Investors often overlook wind energy in favor of solar power or other alternative energy investment opportunities. FAN is up another one percent to kick off the week as it moves to the best level in four years. Over the last 12 months the ETF is up over 50 percent and the uptrend has not been broken the entire time.

The ETF is not a household name and either are the stocks in the globally diverse portfolio, however it is difficult to ignore the action that has been taking place on the chart.

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