ETF Outlook for October 11, 2013 (PBS, EPOL, SDS, IYF)


Here are some notable ETFs worth taking a look at for Friday, October 11, 2013.

PowerShares Media ETF (NYSE:PBS)

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On Thrusday, John Malone of Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA) made comments regarding the television industry and it sent the sector higher. He mentioned the monetization possibilities and he believes there are new forms of content distribution out there.

The ETF has several television/cable companies in the top ten holdings and benefited from Malones comments. The ETF has been one of the strongest and most consistent of the sector ETFs and it appears that trend will continue.

iShares U.S. Financials ETF (NYSE:IYF)

Before the opening bell today, Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) andJP Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM)will report quarterly earnings. It will be the first look into how the large U.S. financial stocks performed last quarter.

The news should have an affect on the sector as well as the overall market. With WFC being the number two holding and JPM a top holding of IYF, expect the ETF to trade in the direction of the stocks.

iShares MSCI Poland Investable Market ETF (NYSE:EPOL)

Take this fact to your happy hour after work today. Ask which country ETF hit a new multi-year high this week? Well of course the answer is Poland. EPOL was up 4.6 percent on Thursday to close at the best level in two years. The country was able to avoid the major Western Europe financial crisis a few years ago and has also sidestepped the most recent emerging market drubbing.

The country is expected to grow by two percent in 2013, three percent in 2014, and meet its long-term growth rate of four percent going forward. The ETF is up two percent in 2013, lagging its peers and has more upside potential. Its competitor is the Market Vectors Poland ETF (NYSE:PLND), which is up five percent this year.

ProShares UltraShort S&P 500 (NYSE:SDS)

When investors panic and they make emotional decisions the first move is typically not the smartest choice. The fear spiked yesterday for investors and a large number turned to leveraged inverse ETFs to product their portfolios. The extremely popular SDS is often the ETF of choice and once again the emotional decision was the wrong option.

The ETF was down 4.3 on Thursday as the market rallied. It will be interesting to see if the ETF can bounce back and the market gives back some gains today. Keep an eye on SDS, but at the same time proceed with caution for all leveraged and short ETFs.

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