Egypt says Saudis have cut off fuel shipments indefinitely

Egypt says Saudi Arabia has halted fuel shipments indefinitely, in a sign of lingering tensions following a dispute over the conflict in Syria.

Egyptian Oil Ministry spokesman Hamdi Abdel-Aziz said Monday that Saudi Arabia's Aramco, the world's largest oil company, stopped sending the fuel shipments to Egypt "without giving a specific timetable or reasons."

Egypt said last month that it was informed that October's shipments had been halted. But it was initially unclear whether that represented a one-off reprimand after Egypt voted for two U.N. Security Council resolutions on Syria, one of which was opposed by Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has not commented on the fuel shipments.

Abdel-Aziz made the remarks after denying reports that Egypt's Oil Minister Tarek el-Mulla was heading to Iran, Saudi Arabia's main regional rival.