Don’t Leave Thousands in Social Security Survivor Benefits on the Table

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By Dana Anspach via

Social Security widow and widower benefit rules are complex. 

The amount of the Social Security survivor benefits you are entitled to rests on a host of variables including your age, the age of the deceased, and how old your spouse was when they started their benefits.

If you think you can count on the Social Security office to explain your options, be careful. I’m not accusing the Social Security Administration of intentional malfeasance, but the rules are confusing, many of the staff don’t understand them, and they are not allowed to give you advice – they are only allowed to explain what you can get if you claim now. There are other options available, and the Social Security staff is not allowed to explain them all to you.

My best advice is to do your due diligence and reach out to a retirement planning expert if you find yourself in a situation where you are eligible to claim a Social Security widow benefit.

The best way to approach what you can get is by walking through an “If this, then that” scenario.

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