Danish facilities group closes in 13 countries, trims staff

A leading facility services company says it will shut down operations in 13 countries as it tries to boost growth and simplify its business.

Denmark-based International Service System, or ISS, says the aim of the two-year plan is "reducing complexity and risk," and once completed, the number of its customers is expected to have been reduced by half.

ISS said Monday it wants reduce its staff by 20 percent, from the present 490,000 worldwide to around 390,000.

It added that operations in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania will be divested.

Ultimately, it aims for annual organic growth of up to 6 percent.

The Copenhagen-based group has activities in more than 70 countries, serving both public and private sector customers.