Cubist recalls 101 lots of antibiotic Cubicin, saying vials may contain glass particles

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Cubist Pharmaceuticals said Wednesday it is recalling 101 production lots of its antibiotic Cubicin because vials of the drug could contain glass particles.

Cubist said vials of the drug may contain "particulate matter" because of a manufacturing problem that affected one of its suppliers. The company said many of the vials have already been used and it has not received any reports about glass being discovered in the vials. It does not expect a shortage in supplies of Cubicin.

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The vials were shipped between November 2011 and February 2014, and their expiration dates are between August 2014 and May 2016.

The Lexington, Massachusetts, company said it expects to get about 50,000 vials of Cubicin back from its customers.

Cubicin is used to treat infections of the skin and blood. Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. said sales of the drug grew 3 percent to $234.7 million in the second quarter. That was 79 percent of the company's total revenue.


Consumers can call Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. for more information at 877-282-4786