Chinese woman accused in seed corn trade secrets case seeks release, permission to travel

The wife of a wealthy Chinese businessman wants the U.S. government to release her on bond to travel to China while she awaits trial on charges she conspired to steal American seed corn trade secrets.

Attorneys for Mo Yun say the case against her is "exceedingly thin" and that she's not a flight risk.

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Mo was arrested July 1 at Los Angeles International Airport. Documents say she was in the U.S. with her 12-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter on a vacation to Disneyland. Her children had to fly back to China alone.

She's awaiting a Thursday bail hearing in Des Moines.

Prosecutors allege she helped employees of her husband's company, DBN Group, steal seed corn from Iowa and Illinois.

Mo denies involvement.

Her husband is billionaire DBN Chairman Shao Genhou.