CBS walloped its rivals in viewership last week, matching ABC, Fox and NBC audiences combined

Associated Press

Except for CBS, the broadcast networks mostly closed up shop last week. At least, that's the suggestion from Nielsen, which shows the average prime-time audience for CBS matched the viewership for ABC, Fox and NBC combined.

Meanwhile, CBS logged a dozen of the Top 20 shows and Fox scored three, shutting out ABC and NBC. Cable's ESPN claimed the remaining five slots.

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CBS had the week's most-watched show: the AFC Championship between Indianapolis and New England, which drew 42 million viewers.

Overall for the week of Jan. 12-18, CBS averaged 14.2 million viewers. Runner-up ABC had 5 million, Fox had 4.8 and NBC had 4.4 million viewers — adding up to 14.2 million.

Among cable networks, ESPN left its competition in the dust with an average viewership of 5 million.