Cavuto: The Obama Age Is Over


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It's Monday.

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It's August.

So what better time for me to say this:

The Obama presidency.

It's over.

Here's the deal:

Barack Obama’s had it. He's done with it.

Air Force One. Marine One. I'm telling you, one and done.

He's done. He's finished. Not because anyone is telling him so, but because he says it's so.

He is not running for reelection.

Actually this notion has been with me for some time.

It's nothing he's said. It's everything he's done.

From pushing stimulus that voters didn't want to health-care reform that left just about everyone sickened.

The drilling moratorium that all but wrote off Gulf voters.

Sticking his nose needlessly in the whole mosque debate that all but wrote off new York voters.

So many voters so turned off in so little time that it really makes me wonder whether the president is content making this term his only time in the white house.

And now a London Telegraph item that outlined issues I’ve so often repeated here .. he speaks and acts like a man on a cause, not a campaign.

There is a difference.

Like when he said he'd much rather be a great one-termer than a merely average two-termer.

Hello!!! Connecting the dots here?!!

And don't tell me he hasn't governed that way ... A president far more concerned with revamping government than winning the support of those who must pay for that government.

Don't think, "we report, you decide." more like..."he legislates. He decides."

Think Moses, on a mission.

Because I think he really sees himself as Moses. And it needn't matter if he gets to the promised land, just that he started the journey so that others could.

He's already parted political seas and cast in stone edicts that will forever change our landscape. Come to think of it, who needs a second term after doing all that?

And maybe he realizes something else by quitting now.

Who in their right mind would give him the second chance?

What do you think?

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