Brooklyn Museum show looks at mystique of elevated shoes, including literally killer heels

Associated Press

A new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum is exploring the mystique of high-heeled shoes.

"Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe" opens Wednesday and runs through February 15.

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Selections range from platform shoes dating to about 1600 to a contemporary — and lethal — 8-inch dagger stiletto.

Numerous iterations of the shoe fill display cases: Some with triangle- and ball-shaped heels, others with twisted, trapezoidal and even furry heels.

Design trumps comfort in these 218 individual creations, signifiers of femininity, glamour and status through the ages.

The show also includes conceptual designs and 3-D printed shoes. One piece looks like a mass of tendrils seemingly emerging from the ground and turning into a plant.