Bothered by bathroom odors? Wisconsin-based Kohler introduces no-smell toilet seat

Put down that aerosol spray can.

The Kohler Co. is introducing a deodorizing toilet seat that it says eliminates embarrassing bathroom smells — and the need for sprays to cover them up.

The battery-operated seat includes a fan that sucks in air, pushing it through an odor-eating carbon filter and over an optional scent pack. Product manager Jerry Bougher says the idea is to attack smells "where the action is."

The seat costs about $90 and is part of a high-tech trend that includes heated seats and seats with nightlights.

Kohler isn't the first to sell a smell-free seat.

Brondell introduced one in 2006, but took it off the market about three years ago because demand wasn't strong. The company now includes the feature in its more expensive bidet seats.