Boston city council president wants to boost council pay closer to salary in NYC, other cities

The Boston City Council is considering giving itself a $25,000 raise, boosting its pay by 29 percent.

A council committee will hold a public hearing Monday morning to discuss the proposed pay increase from $87,500 annually to $112,500.

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City Council President Bill Linehan says the higher salary is long overdue; the 13-member panel's last raise came in 2006.

A 2013 city survey found Boston's councilor pay was higher than the pay in most Massachusetts cities and in some cities nationally, including Baltimore, which has nearly as many residents as Boston and pays councilors $61,383.

Linehan's proposed pay raise would bring Boston councilor pay more in line with some other major cities, including San Francisco ($105,723), New York ($112,500), Chicago ($116,674) and Washington, D.C. ($125,583), based on the survey.