Bipartisan House leaders working on $213B plan to fix doctors' Medicare payments

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A briefing paper circulating among lawmakers shows that bipartisan House leaders are working on a $213 billion plan to address a problem that's vexed Congress for years: changing how doctors are paid for treating Medicare patients.

Around $140 billion of the plan's 10-year costs would be financed by adding to federal deficits.

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Of the roughly $70 billion remaining, around half would be paid for by boosting some beneficiaries' costs. Part of that would come from boosting premiums people earning over $133,000 yearly pay for Medicare doctors and drugs.

The document says that starting in 2020, people buying new Medigap policies would face higher, unspecified out-of-pocket costs.

The remaining $35 billion would come from Medicare providers and hospitals, though the document provides no details about that.