These are the best real estate prospects of 2020

A city in Texas is expected to be the best real estate market in 2020, according to a new report.

On Sept. 19, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) co-published the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, which ranked the top of its overall real estate prospects.

Many of the cities on the list are in the midsize or large range and can also be found in the “Smile States” -- which include the East and West coasts and states in the Sun Belt, which stretches across the Southeast and Southwest.

To see the best-ranked markets, here are the top 10 real estate prospects of 2020, according to the Emerging Trends report:

10. Seattle

Seattle (pictured) rounds off the Emerging Trends list of best real estate prospects of 2020, taking tenth place. (iStock)

9. Los Angeles

Though Los Angeles (pictured) has strong investment prospects, a resurgence in its downtown development and has ranked in ninth place on the Emerging Trends list, the city's problems with homelessness are challenging the market, according to the repo

8. Atlanta, Ga.

Last year, Atlanta, Ga., (pictured) barely missed the top 10 list, ranking in at 11. However, this year it has moved up to eighth place. (iStock)

7. Orlando, Fla. 

Orlando, Fla., (pictured) ranked in seventh place in the overall real estate prospects for 2020, but it also ranked in ninth for development or re-development opportunities and seventeenth place for homebuilding prospects, the report said. (iStock)

6. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

The Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas -- a metropolitan statistical area (MSA), according to the report -- is the sixth-best real estate prospect of 2020. Fort Worth is pictured. (iStock)

5. Boston

According to the Emerging Trends report, Boston (pictured) has strong economic performance and "real estate vitality." The Massachusetts city is also fifth on the list of real estate prospects in 2020. (iStock)

4. Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte, N.C., (pictured) took fourth place in the Emerging Trends' overall list of best real estate prospects for next year. (iStock)


3. Nashville, Tenn.

Tennessee's capital city Nashville (pictured), known for country music, took the third place spot in the report's list of real estate prospects for 2020. (iStock)

2. Raleigh/Durham, N.C.

The Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina was ranked as the second overall real estate prospects, according to the Emerging Trends report. Downtown Raleigh is pictured. (iStock)

1. Austin, Texas