Author of Pedophile How-To Book Arrested for Obscenity


The author of a self-published guidebook for pedophiles, which was featured for just over a week on (NASDAQ:AMZN) before a wave of controversy led the online retailer to pull it, has been arrested under obscenity charges.

Phillip Ray Greaves II, author of The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-Lovers Code of Conduct, was arrested by Florida sheriff’s deputies in his home in Pueblo, Colorado on Monday.

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The warranted arrest follows Greaves’ mailing of an autographed pedophile how-to book to Polk county deputies, a move that falls under an obscenity offense, Polk Sheriff Grady Judd told the Associated Press.

In November, the author placed his controversial book, which provides pedophiles advice on how to conduct a sexual encounter with children in a non-violent manner, for sale on

Following a wave of national outcry, Amazon removed the book.

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