Actors, Public Officials Top List of Worst Bosses in 2010


If your boss hasn’t tried to run you over with a car, slam you with racial slurs or even try to engage you in the new phenomenon of sexting, they most likely managed to escape  eBossWatch’s second annual list of 2010’s worst bosses.

The online career watchdog utilized an anonymous voting system and panel of workplace experts to assemble the list, which came bearing various acts of alleged harassment from a range of unsuspected sources, from managers and public officials to actors and teachers.

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Top scorers - Please come and retrieve your award in shame

The top three spots this year went to Eddie Burns of the Dallas Fire-Rescue squad, Samuel Blackwell of Greyhound Buses, and Orlando Pizarro of Newport Swim and Fitness in Jersey City, NJ.

Burns reportedly cost the city of Dallas some $1.4 million in legal fees defending itself in what turned out to be very heinous acts of alleged sexual harassment against three women. Blackwell and Pizarro are also being sued for sexual harassment and retaliation.

Ranking fourth was former Congressman Eric Massa. The highest ranking public figure on the list resigned after being investigated by the House ethics committee for several sexual harassment complaints that he groped at least two male aides and sexually propositioned young male staffers and interns. The official admitted to groping a male staffer, but denied that it was sexual assault.

Rounding the list's top five was Dole Foods (NYSE:DOLE) heir Justin Murdock, currently a senior vice president at Castle & Cooke and CEO of NovaRX. The billionaire was accused of sexual harassment by a director of corporate development.

Publicly-traded mishaps and other terrible bosses

Actors Steven Seagal and Casey Affleck, the younger brother of Ben Affleck, hit the list at numbers 46 and 73, respectively. Both were accused of various acts of sexual harassment against young female employees.

Harrah’s Resort, which pondered earlier this year an initial public offering, landed number 11 on the list with leaders Raymond Montgomery, the resort’s director of nightlife at Harrah’s The Pool nightclub, Jeffrey Chafee, as well as Tim Kreischer and Mylka Naranjo from human resources.

The Harrah’s employees were named in at least 13 sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Harrah’s where the management was accused of trying to cover up the harassment and retaliating against employees who complained about the hostile work environment.

Snagging the 74th spot was Lynn Dyer, who is currently fighting accusations by 60 contract General Electric (NYSE:GE) employees for allegedly creating a hostile work environment by continually subjecting them to racial slurs, denying them restroom breaks and failing to help workers injured on the job.

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) came in at 82 for settling a Southern California sexual harassment lawsuit for an undisclosed amount prior to trial. A 16-year-old female employee of the coffee behemoth had claimed that her boss, Tim Horton, had sent her dirty text messages and subjected her to other forms of sexual harassment. Horton pleaded guilty to felony sex with a minor and was sentenced to four months in prison.

Then there is Danette Adams, a former manager at the Englewood, NJ-based public works department. Hitting number 20 on the list, Adams is the highest ranking female boss, charged earlier this year for allegedly attempting to run over a male employee who had filed a lawsuit against the city accusing her of racial discrimination.

Overtime and early mornings may sometimes seem like a drag, but here’s to hoping bosses keep their cars parked safely in the lot this year.

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