6 Unique Ways to Make Money Through Offbeat Investments

Offbeat investments might look different, but their potential for profit is better than ever. After dealing with a financial crisis, recession and slow recovery, Americans have devised all sorts of think-outside-the-box ideas for seeking out a return during the tough times. Fox Business found unique ways people make money through offbeat investments.

Fox Business Full Coverage: Offbeat Investments

1. Vintage Cars

Do old cars bring in big returns? Boulevard Motorcar Company CEO Charles Bronson discusses how investors can profit from vintage car investments.

2. Thoroughbreds

Almost $2 million in prize money last year is driving more investors to the race track. Want to be a part of this offbeat investment? Watch while West Point Thoroughbreds president Terry Finley explains how small businesses all over the country can invest in a thoroughbred.

3. Wine

Wine investment is for the enthusiast who can afford a risky buy, experts say. Here’s who is collecting and how to get in on the game.

4. Art

In this economy, what kind of art should people invest in? Experts give tips on how to use the volatility in the art market to your advantage.

5. Marijuana

Is there money to be made in the business of marijuana? ArcView Group CEO Troy Dayton discusses how this offbeat investment works.

6. Storm Shelters

After the recent run of tornados, purchases of storm shelters are on the rise. FBN’s Jeff Flock explores how to invest in the business of storm protection.