5 Things Investors Need to Know About Keurig Green Mountains Future

Once high-flying coffee system purveyor Keurig Green Mountain has, for lack of a better description, seen better days. Shares have fallen from an all time high of over $158 per share, reached as recently as last November, to a disappointing $59 at the time of this writing. What was once thought to be the future of in-home coffee brewing has given way to price competition and market saturation -- two very strong negatives for shareholders of the company.

However, all is not lost. The Vermont-based company has an entirely new product line in the works, one that not only offers a much larger potential market than coffee (in itself no small feat) but one that was born out of partnership with one of the largest and most successful beverage enterprises in the world,Coca-Cola. Keurig investors no doubt have a great deal to wrap their heads around in evaluating prospects for the company, so without further ado, here are the top five things investors should know about Keurig Green Mountain's future.

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