5 Things GoPro Inc's Management Wants You to Know

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GoPro Inc has had a tumultuous ride as a public company. The market put unrealistically high expectations on the stock shortly after its IPO that led to more than a 50% fall from its 52-week high.

But management isn't building a hype stock, it's forging a long-term company. On a recent conference call with analysts, CEO Nick Woodman and his executives gave us a look at how they view the company's future.

GoPro at its core

Here is the vision for GoPro in its simplest form. This isn't just a camera company, this is a "content enabling business" that drives growth by making capturing and sharing content easy. Everything GoPro does long term should revolve around that.

Kolor is all about virtual reality

Along with first-quarter results, GoPro announced the acquisition of Kolor, a spherical content company (find out more about what that means here). The acquisition gives GoPro a great partner for creating content that could be at the center of virtual reality. In the quote above, Woodman states that that's exactly what management had in mind when they bought the company. This shows that Woodman and team are looking a few steps ahead of today's camera uses in their strategic moves.

Social media is a growth strategy

One of the beauties of GoPro's business is that customers will advertise for it. The number of eyeballs GoPro can reach through social media shows just how far that net is cast -- and that doesn't include the thousands of GoPro videos uploaded outside of GoPro's platform.

This presence creates free advertising for GoPro and improves brand awareness organically. Not a lot of companies utilize social media well, but GoPro is one that does.

International growth is gaining steam

GoPro is growing in the U.S. and the Americas, but a majority of the company's growth is coming from overseas. This doesn't just help grow the company; it diversifies revenue and reduces risk a single market could pose. It also shows the leverage of GoPro's advertising.

GoPro's social media outlets are international, broadening appeal for the brand. If GoPro can continue to be one of the hottest names in social media video, we should see this international growth continue.

Integration in consumer products is growing

Not only are customers loving their GoPros, companies are building GoPro capabilities into their products. Cars, trucks, and drones are natural places to use a GoPro, and having mounts built in should drive sales in the future. Look for GoPro to be integrated into even more products -- and maybe even move into making products like drones itself sometime in the future.

GoPro making all the right moves Not only is GoPro growing right now, it looks like it's making all the right moves to continue that growth well into the future. The suite of editing software and the move into virtual reality should drive future sales and even grow applications well beyond the GoPro camera we know today. This is a great company with a visionary leader, one I would feel comfortable owning for years to come.

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