4 to Watch: What Impact Will Syria Have on the Market?

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1. Syria’s Market Impact

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What does the situation in Syria mean for your money? Capitalistpig.com’s Jonathan Hoenig weighs in.

2. Will the Bulls Return?

Accent Asset Management CEO Scott Martin says the news from Syria is terrible, but it hasn’t changed the fundamentals of the market. Kingsview Capital Managing Partner Philip Silverman says it’s tough to see the market going up strongly with Syria and the debt ceiling debate on the horizon, but S&P Capital IQ Chief Equity Strategist Sam Stovall says yesterday’s performance may have been the end of the pullback.

3. Markets in a Sideways Pattern?

With Syria in the headlines, Nuveen Asset Management Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll says we have plenty to worry about, and the market is in a funk. He believes the markets will be in a sideways pattern for a while, but the cyclical bull market we’ve seen for the past five years isn’t over. And when it comes down to which industries to invest in right now, Doll says he likes healthcare, biotech, aerospace defense and technology.

4. Ron Paul Says No to Syria

Former Rep. Ron Paul disagrees with Donald Rumsfeld’s position on Syria, and says Rumsfeld’s hardly able to give advice on the crisis in the Middle East. When it comes to interfering in the region, Paul says there's been no confirmation on where the reported gas attack came from in Syria, and he’s worried that Al-Qaeda could benefit from our involvement in the country.

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