4 Signs You're Meant to Work From Home

Though working from home certainly has its benefits, it's not for everyone. In some cases, not being physically present at the office could thwart your career progress and make it more difficult to do your job. There's also the loneliness factor to consider -- working remotely can be isolating, and if you're the social type, it can be less than ideal.

On the other hand, there are certain circumstances under which working from home might help you better excel at your job. Here are four reasons to give it a go.

1. Your job requires tons of concentration

Some jobs require more concentration than others. Take editing, for example -- any amount of background chatter could throw you off your game and cause you to either make a mistake yourself, or let an existing one slide by accident. If you have the sort of job that truly demands quiet, your home might be a far more ideal work environment than a bustling office full of people.

2. You get distracted easily

Some of us are better than others about drowning out background noise or staying focused in the face of side conversations and general office commotion. If you're the type who easily gets thrown off course, then a work-from-home arrangement might help you stay on track better and keep up with your responsibilities. Of course, you'll need to be careful about avoiding home-based distractions -- think household chores or the TV that beckons in your living room. But this way, you'll at least avoid being sidetracked by the presence of other people in your work space.

3. Your commute stresses you out

Some people actually like commuting; it gives them a chance to collect their thoughts, decompress, and enjoy some forced downtime. But if you happen to have a terrible commute -- one that puts you in a bad mood at the start of the day and causes you anxiety on the way home -- then it pays to consider asking for the option to do your job remotely. Not only might you lower your stress level, but you could also save some serious money.

4. You have a solid work ethic

Not everyone is a naturally hard worker. But if you take pride in your performance and value your reputation at your company, there's no reason to think you won't continue to do the best job possible from home. Now, if you're a self-proclaimed slacker or procrastinator, working from home might cause you to fall behind on your responsibilities, thereby compromising your job in the process. But if you have the self-discipline it takes to do your job well without a boss' physical oversight, then a remote arrangement could work out quite well for you.

Though working from home seems to be a growing trend in today's workforce, it's not the right move for everyone. On the other hand, if you fall into the above categories, it could be just the thing that helps your career and makes your schedule far more manageable on the whole.

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