3 Major Tech Trends Coming in 2015

Sifting through new (and expanding) tech trends can be quite a task. For investors interested in tech stocks, it's sometimes best to hone in on a few key areas that are set for growth.

Earlier this month, the International Data Corporation (IDC)-- an information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology research firm -- put out an annual report on 10 key tech trends for 2015. In it, China's tech growth, the Internet of Things, and the expansion of telecoms were listed as three areas of interest for next year.

Those trends will have major implications for Samsung and Apple , considering IDC expects wearable tech to "underwhelm" next year. At the same time, the rise of telecoms China Mobile and China Unicom will have a significant influence on the Internet of Things expansion, while U.S. telecoms Verizon Communicationsand others can expect the wireless data sector to reach $536 billion in value next year. Whether it's the Internet of Things, telecoms or China's technology expansion, it's clear 2015 holds a lot in store for the tech sector.

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