15 Fascinating Facts You Missed at Apple Inc.'s "Spring Forward" Event

Apple typically packsa lot of information into its events, and "Spring Forward" earlier this week was noexception. Among a slew of device salesfigures, storeopenings, a new MacBook,anddetails of the Apple Watch, morethan few facts likely slipped through the cracks at the event.


So let's take a brief look at what you might have missed:

1. Apple's retail footprint is growing.Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the event the company has 453 retail stores worldwide -- that's 16 more stores than the company had last year. One major emphasis is Greater China, where Apple intends to have 40 stores by mid-2016. The company currently has 21 stores in Greater China.

2. A lot of people browse Apple products in person.At the event, Cook said 120 million people passed through Apple Stores in the fourth quarter.

Source: Apple.

3. 700 million iPhones sold to date. That's more than seven years of solid smartphone sales, including the recent record-breaking iPhone quarter.

4. iPhone owners have little buyer's remorse. Cook said customer satisfaction levels for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are at 99%.

5. Apple's iPhone growth is through the roof. Apple's year-over-year iPhone growth last quarter was an amazing 49%, while the smartphone industry as a whole grewby just 26%, according to Cook.6. Apple TV is cheaper, but there's nothing new. Apple said at the event that it has sold 25 million of its little streaming boxes and just lowered the price by $30. But what Apple failed to mention is that it has been more than two years since any hardware upgrades were made to the device.

7.Apple Pay is taking off. The company revealed that 2,500 banks are now signed on for Apple Pay and the mobile payment service is accepted at more than 700,000 locations across the country.

8.Coca-Cola's vending machines love Apple Pay. You can now use Apple's payment system to buy a Coke at 40,000 vending machines -- and that number should hit 100,000 by the end of the year.

9.Long live the Macs. Apple's Mac business grew more than 20% year-over-year.Cook said Macs have outpaced PC industry growth for 10 years in a row.

10. Apple wants in on medical research. Apple showed off five apps made through its new software framework -- called ResearchKit -- that allow medical researchers to gather data from iPhone participants who opt-in for testing. But as The Verge pointed out, the practicality of getting good data from iPhone users remains questionable.

11.The new MacBook's logic board is very small. The new 12-inch MacBook's logic board is 67% smaller than the current 11-inch MacBook Air's.

The new MacBook. Source: Apple.

12.Apple's doing new things with battery design. The new MacBook has contoured battery sheets that stack on top of each other and fill all the extra space in the computer's casing. As a result, Apple can fit 35% more battery capacity in the casing compared to traditional cells.

13. The Apple Watch is extremely accurate. One key marketing angle for the watch is its precise timekeeping. Cook said that the Apple Watch is accurate within 50 milliseconds of Universal Time Code.

14.Apple's wrist-worn device comes with all-day battery life.One big question leading up the event was how long the Apple Watch battery will last. The company said the watch can run for18 hours before requiring its nightly recharge. That's enough for a full day of use, but not even close to the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch -- which can last two to three days with heavy use, and up to six days with light use.

Apple Watch Edition. Source: Apple.

15.Apple's most expensive versions of its watch are really expensive.While Cook said the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000, the most expensive version (18-karat gold, 38-mmwith the gold modern buckle) will set you back $17,000.

What all this means for AppleMost of the news from Apple's event highlights how well the company is doing compared to the competition. Apple's iPhone sales are beating the smartphone industry's growth, Macs are outpacing PC growth, and the Apple Watch appears to be the best smartwatch built to date.

On top of that, Apple Pay is gaining momentum and the number of retail stores is quickly expanding.

There was a time when Apple's ability to innovate was in question, and skeptics wondered if such a large company could continue to drive device sales higher. But the latest sales, store openings, product lines, and computer upgrades should prove that Apple is clearly on the right path -- and there's likely more to look forward to.

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