10 Internet ETFs Battling for Q1 Final Four

This article was originally published on ETFTrends.com.

There is no doubt that there are more than a handful of Internet ETFs that are battling it out to make it into this quarter's final four of top performers.

The global economy is becoming increasingly tech oriented. The Internet is changing the way people work, socialize, and create in the world. The curtain that once separated the physical from the digital is becoming thin with technological innovation such as AI, robotics, big, data, cloud computing, and cryptocurrency peaking into everyday lives.

Because of the drive for constant innovation and its influence on every other industry, (agriculture, bio-sciences, etc.,) the emerging technology sector has been slam dunking its way through 2018. It seems that almost every business is becoming a tech company.

Us News and World Report stated, "No matter the industry, most experts say nearly every business is now essentially a tech company – from Goldman Sachs Group  (GS) announcing it was a technology firm with financial services to automakers applying for autonomous-driving patents."

The world is still in the early stages of the internet transformation with many more opportunities to come. The full implications of the internet are still unknown. But many do know that it is becoming a seamless part of existence and the market seems to reflect that.

Here's a look at how 10 popular Internet ETFs are doing YTD, according to data from Yahoo Finance:

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